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Role in the Project 

Paemac was able to provide expertise and technical knowledge in the following areas:

  • Project Budget: Preparation of a detailed and accurate project budget and create a financial framework using a large costing database with inputs from similar projects, including overall spend, owner’s costs and contingency allowances, plus a forecast cashflow. This enabled the Client to make the right decisions during the planning and execution phases.

  • Risk Management: Using advanced probabilistic risk analysis during the budget phase of the project meant the cost impact due to Post-Covid price fluctuation was controlled during the construction phase. Probabilistic risk management provided a proactive budget framework, enhancing resilience and enabling informed decision-making in the face of economic uncertainties post-pandemic.

  • Marine Engineering and Value Engineering: Provided input into the final design to improve the constructability, long-term durability and overall cost of the wharf. Insight into the construction techniques and use case for the wharf allowed for the final design of the wharf to be modified to be as cost-effective as possible and deliver value for the investment.

  • Quality Assurance: Full-time site presence ensured that the Contractor achieved all the quality deliverables for the project. This included regular reporting, comparison with baseline performance data and productivity, analysis of all submitted quality documentation, including pile drive records, protective coating reports, survey set outs, concrete delivery dockets, pre- and post-pour inspections etc. Independent inspections were also conducted to independently verify the data supplied by the Contractor.

Construction Knowledge Case Study 

Project Lifecycle

  • This case study explores how partnering with specialised construction consultants over the project lifecycle significantly reduced the client’s risk during the construction of a commercial wharf in Australia, ensuring timely completion, cost efficiency, value for money, transparency, and delivery of a high-quality outcome.

  • The project involved the development of a new commercial wharf in Perth, Australia, aimed at providing a new berth for the maintenance and upgrade activities on Royal Australian Navy vessels.

The project encountered several challenges:

  • Supply Chain Disruption and Price Uncertainty: Post-Covid supply chain disruptions had a significant impact on the delivery timeline for critical components, as well as create significant uncertainty around the project budget. Managing these factors to ensure they didn’t have a significant impact on the overall timeline and budget was critical to ensure the Contractor delivered the project as programmed.

  • Technical Complexity: Ensuring the structural integrity of the wharf to withstand harsh marine conditions coupled with the utility upgrades required for the unique requirements of the vessels the wharf was designed to service.

  • Quality Management: Ensuring all the critical components of the project were delivered to the required quality standards to ensure all performance and longevity requirements were met.

  • Stakeholder Coordination: Managing multiple stakeholders, including government bodies, local communities, and commercial operators to ensure there were no delays or impact on the project.

  • Environmental Regulations: Ensuring the Contractor adhered to stringent environmental guidelines for marine construction, particularly for dredging.


To assist with the management and mitigation of these risks, the project developers created an owners team consisting of consultants with expertise in marine construction and engineering and project management.

The Owner engaged Paemac to prepare the feasibility study with recommendations, the project budget, complete value engineering of the design, provide support during the tender and contractor engagement phases, and provide full-time site presence during the construction of the wharf. The construction scope included piling, installation of precast concrete deck structure, dredging operations, installing mooring systems and electrical and drainage upgrades.


  • As a result of the support offered to the Owner’s team by Paemac, both in the early phases and during construction, the project was delivered successfully and met all the quality requirements without encountering any unforeseen obstacles, cost increases or extensions of time. Having a detailed and accurate budget greatly simplified cost control while the optimised design improved both constructability and usability.  

  • Paemac’s proactive approach, detailed planning and record keeping, and expert construction knowledge resulted in a high-quality outcome that satisfied all project stakeholders. By addressing potential issues early and implementing efficient design and budget strategies, Paemac’s input enabled the project to progress without disruptions. This seamless integration of support, planning, and execution highlights the importance of having experienced partners in achieving project goals over the entire project lifecycle, ultimately delivering a reliable, functional, and high-quality outcome that met all expectations.


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