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Project Management


PAEMAC strives to align with our clients' objectives by meticulously planning, developing methodologies, controlling costs, and conducting thorough analyses. We value our clients' feedback, which informs our work, and we reinforce our approach with local insights and industry best practices. While PAEMAC does not function as contractors per se, our wealth of contracting experience equips us to provide invaluable insights and expertise.

Key areas our project management consultants can assist you with when you need support with project planning or cost control:

Project Start-up

Initiating and setting up the project for success is something we take very seriously! Let our expertise guide the project kick off so that the project starts off with a solid grounding.


We offer expert guidance and support in demolition activities, ensuring safety, efficiency, and compliance with relevant regulations.


Managing the acquisition of goods and services for the project is not always easy! PAEMAC have an in-depth understanding of the supplier network and can support the commissioning of resourcing and supplies as needed.

Project Engineering

Grounded in engineering principles, yet agile enough to adapt, our team support you with project planning and execution.

Construction Programming

We develop schedules and timelines for construction activities, with clearly outlined dependencies and checklists to stay on track.

Program Analysis

The PAEMAC team rigorously capture project progress and performance against established metrics, to cross check expected progress against actual progress.

Project Reporting

The preparation and dissemination of regular project status reports is something which we take great pride in, to ensure an up-to-date status with all key milestones captured and shared.

Development of Processes

We take a hands-on approach to refining project processes and workflows, and working to tweak and reimagine them for future gains.

Productivity Monitoring

Tracking and analyzing productivity levels throughout the project for improved resource allocation and management wherever possible.

Project Lessons Learnt

Identifying and documenting lessons learned for future improvements, to encourage a more iterative approach with compounding improvements over time.

Worksite Supervision

Overseeing and managing activities on the project worksite, and reporting back as needed in a format which suits our clients best.

Quality Assurance

Our rigorous quality assurance processes guarantee that project deliverables meet or exceed industry standards and client expectations.

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