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Estimating Tender &

Budget Preparation


Systematic delivery of a project that is well researched, all area’s considered and all deliverables accounted for is what is required for a project to run smoothly and be successful. PAEMAC has the capability to ensure that your project is established from the get-go.

Key areas our project management consultants can assist you with when estimating tenders or conducting budget preparation: 

Independent Tender Review

PAEMAC conducts impartial evaluations of tender submissions, providing valuable insights to support informed decision-making.

Report Writing

We excel in generating comprehensive reports that document project progress, findings, and recommendations with clarity and precision.

Design Constructability

Our team assesses design plans to ensure practicality, efficiency, and ease of construction, optimizing constructability while maintaining design integrity.

Tender Bid Management

PAEMAC manages the tendering process effectively, from soliciting bids to evaluating proposals, to secure the most suitable contractors for the project.

First Principle Estimating

We employ rigorous first principle estimating methods to accurately forecast project costs based on detailed analysis and evaluation.

Cost Planning

Our meticulous cost planning ensures that projects stay within budget constraints while delivering optimal value and quality.

Quote Assessment

PAEMAC evaluates contractor quotes thoroughly, considering factors such as pricing, scope, and quality to select the best-suited vendors.

Package Letting

We manage the process of awarding project packages, coordinating with contractors and stakeholders to ensure seamless integration and execution.

Procurement Strategy

Our strategic procurement approach maximizes efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and quality throughout the sourcing and acquisition process.

Construction Risk

PAEMAC identifies and mitigates potential construction risks through proactive assessment, planning, and implementation of risk management strategies.

Feasibility Studies

We conduct thorough feasibility studies to assess project viability, considering factors such as cost, schedule, resources, and potential obstacles.

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