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Project Delivery

Case Study



  • Our client oversees substantial marine infrastructure on behalf of the state government. This infrastructure encompasses both aging assets and the development of new facilities to support trade with existing and emerging industries. The client grappled with the complex task of allocating sustainable capital budgets, balancing the need for maintaining existing infrastructure with the demand for new infrastructure provision. The client recognised that they did not have the appropriate project management competencies in house to deliver complex projects.

  • Our client’s core business involves meeting customer needs and fulfilling functional operational requirements related to the day-to-day management of significant marine infrastructure. However, planning for future needs and identifying suitable operational requirements was straining existing resources, hindering their ability to maintain ‘business as usual’ operations.

  • To address this, the client engaged Paemac working as part of the “owners team” to develop a strategy, budget, and project management expertise to ensure project success.

​The process implemented by Paemac was:

  • Development of project governance tools and Project Management Manual to set a framework around how decisions were made, and funding was to be allocated and approved

  • Implement a Project Charter and Initiation process

  • Implement a scope, budget and time schedule for delivery

  • Implement a Risk Management Framework and change management tools

  • Implement stakeholder communications protocol

  • Design and engineering framework

  • Implement a procurement framework

  • Project management framework

  • Implement project performance metrics and tracking KPI’s

  • Develop project closeout and handover protocols to Operations

  • The project’s outcome significantly influenced the client’s investment decisions, leading to the establishment of an environmental, social, and governance-based (ESG) investing framework. This framework serves as a fundamental cornerstone for defining high-quality, low-risk business.

  • By engaging Paemac the client was able to focus on business as usual, increasing business profitability and sustainability, while also delivering sustaining and capital project expansions.

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